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Look out What Happened: I don’t know how did it happened? My Aston Martin V8 Vantage Just Spawned above My Previous Aston Martin V8 VANTAGE! Somehow, It happened! And I’ve no idea! I’ve Devil DB9 to Customize, and Suddenly When I’ve Clicked Done, Another Aston Martin V8 Vantage! I was Going to Garage and Going in Teams Cars again and Again, But the Car was was Bouncing off the Same Aston Martin V8 Vantage! But Somehow, Later on This glitch was fixed! I DK Man how did this car came out of nowhere?

Even Crushing the older Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

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Are you sure that this is the same thing like on steam? I found differences like slightly different appearance of GtBlaze from BR3 and more places for secret cars so there is a total of 25 secret cars instead of 13, but I didn't unlock any new secret cars so far so it might be a glitch.

Hello Xform, I just purchased this game and I have the following system requirements, please tell me if it can run the game:

Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @2.16Ghz

RAM: 4.00 GB

GPU: Intel HD Graphics

I know they are not that good.

dear xform how i can mod br5 from itch.oi?

And please make also BR Shift and Redline Rumble. BR Shift has had such nice remixed soundtracks!

I have it from Steam! Is this version any better or is it the same game? Anyway, It'ss really cool! I've finished it all. It's cool that you added cars from previous parts. You could make an update with some unused weapons (I know there are some from the wiki) Also can't wait for the 6th part! 

Could you please also make BR1 and BR2 standalone. I also miss these games! And please add KM/H unit to your games. It will be way more readable for players from the rest of the world!

It's the same version. Hopefully we can one day start development on BR6. We need some investments first. As for BR1 and BR2: maybe some day.

Cool :D

You said that you will start make br6 at 5000$ on patreon

But can you realse the game earlier?


Hey man great game! When is BR6 coming

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Hey! I had got this beast bought the day it launched and man i was satisfied, xform yet again got the hype moving ^_^ , and i would love to have some updates for the upcoming sequel... and some developer updates on the game even if it is a tiny one.. :D, and one more thing, i loved the traffic slam series and its my favourite one after BR series but unfortunately, theres no news about a sequel or remaster for the whole series... i would love to know about a sequel or something, just imaging (Traffic Slam 4) :D or atleast some remasters.. thanks alot Xform Devs.. for the hard work and keep it going, and be awesome as always, We all support you guys, Cya


Xform games, are other Redline rumble games cancelled? Those games were pretty amazing and fun.

We don't know of any new games. To be honest, we only did one game. The IP is not ours.

Oh sorry, I don't really know who made these games but I saw "Redline Rumble Evolution" as one of your games so I assumed the other ones were made from you guys too, sorry 😅

good day xform please give burnin rubber to android and ios will be even more likely to buy it more players because i have been playing since 6 years old so it wouldn't hurt when i was on touch device 


Dear XForm...Why my game not have Inferno 66,Panther V8, Spryster Turbo,Myoko Giant and more this cars?


U need the version 1.0.4 to unlock these cars

I have the craked version and I don't have these cars because the version 1.0.1 didn't have it


Thanks Man!


I'm all in support of grabbing Denuvo-removed versions of major games as a giant middle finger to major publishers, but this game/developer deserve your support if you want to see more great racing games from them!

Those who pirate DRM-free games from indie devs are the main reason we get so many devs considering putting DRM in their games on this marketplace.  I'd love for itch to remain as DRM-free as GoG.  If you like it, buy it.  If not, there are some open-source and freeware racing games you can play instead.

But we just discussing of cars in 1.0.4 version and why they don't have in 1.0.1 version


Dear XForm...Why Burnin' Rubber 5 HD doesn't have a tuning system from Burnin' Rubber 3?


Dear can port Burnin' Rubber 5 HD in android?


There are no plans to port it to android unfortunately.



Wish...I would like to see this game on Android...I'd put it on my phone


Dear XForm...please port Burnin' Rubber 5 HD on android!I need this!


Dear XForm...make please in game SplitScreen for one would be nice to play together on the same computer


Thanks for your idea! It will probably not happen for BR5, but for a sequel maybe!


I think it would indeed be great fun - but with the current version it would be too hard to implement. Sorry

- Pieter


Why Burnin' Rubber 5 HD doesn't have a tuning system from Burnin' Rubber 3?


I wanted to play this cool and wonderful game...remember how I used to play...and then the game paid!please make the game a free price you will not!I wanted to play and here such a need to...what the hell is this world?do you want to play and here is...

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The game is (currently) less than $7 USD.  If you cannot afford to pay that (or don't want to do so) then either wait for a sale (either here or Steam) or play something else in the meantime.  There are several freeware and open-source racing games you can play in the meantime.

There are currently 18 comments on this game (including my own) and HALF of them (9 comments) are from you.  Please would you kindly stop spamming the dev and demanding the game to be free.  The mobile market has tons of free trash to play if you're bored.





This dude really be out here wanting a $10 game to be free wow 😂


Someone, please make a video of this game if you buy it. I have the Steam version, but I am interested to see what this version looks like including the launcher if applicable.





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