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Hey Xform, if you’re developing future game, please add Car Paint Jobs from Burnin’ Rubber® Series, Traffic Slam® Series, Downtown Drift® and Rally Point® Series I would love to see them all in the single game.

P.S: Also, Don’t forget to add cars from Burnin’ Rubber® Crash n’ Burn.


can I make a return?

A return to what? If you mean Discord because you were banned: no. Sorry.

like a refund. my download doesn't work :((

I think you can ask for one from ?

ok thank youuuuu

do you know how by any chance

The fact that a Flash Game I grew up with is now a Standalone I can run at anytime is amazing, I loved this game a lot growing up, it's a memory trip, and pure nostalgia, it's just as good as I considered it back then

dude i know right

HI. Is this one time purchase or monthly renew?


You just purchase the game once and you have it permanently. With that same account, you can get it on other devices. 

Hey XformsGames, can you try to rebuild the game recreate it into a whole new game? Can you do it? Please reply i really enjoy this game i finished the entire game for 2nd round is very fun.


If someone is interested in playing this game in widescreen resolutions, I've just made a video that shows how:

Beware that the game doesn't support widescreen properly, and the UI is a bit broken as a result, but it's pretty playable! :)

Thank you it worked, this is very useful for us.

Oh my! I've finished the whole game! It was so nostalgic. It's nice that you can finally put new rims to your cars and remove tuned bumpers. And thesesgraphical effects makes this game look much better! Sometimes errors occur and for ex. some things gets white or music is gone or error window opens (some times clicking yes fixes everything, but sometimes it doesn 't work and you have to click no and them game crashes). 

Sorry for the inconvenience. It's a bit of a (very) old engine and not very stable :(. We can't really do maintenance or bugfixes anymore since it's almost impossible to even run the development environment and create new builds.

This is one of my absolute favorite childhood games, the other one being Serious Sam... It's absolutely tragic how Adobe is screwing developers like this.

i like this game

I wonder if the owner of this game can add new cars and new missions?

Hey Xform, i want buy this game,but i dont know purchasing  does in taiwan ?

What should I do when the game is not saved continuously?

Just purchased a copy of the game, looking forward to the nostalgia.

hey XFORM, if you are going to make games like this in the future will you add new cars? If you do please add a Nissan pathfinder 2010 because it's the car I have and is my favorite.

So, my dad decided to buy this for me too :D. Please read my comment on burnin' rubber 4 to understand

Hey Xform, can you please bring back BR3 and other BR vers to website please.

Thanks for your message - unfortunately we're unable to bring back the original versions.

that so sad ;(

plus why deleted "Speed Racer" "BR1,2,3,4,5" "Redline Rumble 1,3,4,Revolution" "Drift n' Burn 365" "Shaun The Sheep Lamb Rover 4x4" and other games.

I Really Didnt Play This Alot Back In The Day But I Bought It Anyway LOL

Thanks for supporting us! :)

umm...XForm can you make Burnin ' Rubber 3 and 4 on Android?

Unfortunately, we can't. The games are made in an extremely old engine that does not work on Android. Sorry!

wish...but still thanks for the answer and thank you very much for your wonderful games!

Thanks! And thank you for playing :D

by the way Xform you will develop Burnin' Rubber 6?if Yes, then you will see there are cars from other games in the series Burnin" Rubber?for example Hunter Wolf Firestarter from Burnin ' Rubber Crash'n'burn?

Why Burnin' Rubber 5 HD doesn't have a tuning system from Burnin' Rubber 3?


hey xform i completely adore all your burnin rubber series if it is possible could you put them on steam to buy? and keep i want to collect them all because i remember playing them all when i was really young

Why Burnin' Rubber 5 HD doesn't have a tuning system from Burnin' Rubber 3?


Damn these memories...

I want to buy it steam...

Because im not adult, so i can't buy it to card..

amazing game :)     

WoW, awsome game i just bought this game cuz this is my childhood game and i just love your game this game just so cheep and very fun game to play with so good job , keep it up employees devalopers good game.


um, make it free plz

Get a job kid

You should get a job earn money and buy games i also do the same way like what everyone did they will not make it happen sorry :(

THX XformGames :) Sryy Im Brazilan but im love very you game 


eu vou comprar pq amei esse jogo da primeira vez que joguei mas tenho uma pergunta ele funciona pra windows 8.1?


Could you rephrase that in English? If you asked if it would work on win 8.1 then the answer is yes :) 

I'm going to buy it because I loved this game the first time I played but I have a question does it work for windows 8.1?

this is what translate google thinks he said (:


I'm Brazilian, can I buy this game with the card?


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