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Boujour j'habite en belgique j'aimerais savoir comme je doit faire pour acheter un jeu sur le site itchio car j'aimerais acheter burnin rubber 4 5 3 2 mais je sais pas comment on fait 

Bounjour! Vous pouvez acheter des jeux avec Paypal ou Stripe.

I pray that Burnin' Rubber 6 will release one day 🔥


can i have a refund please

This game is a certified hood classic.

Also Burnin' Rubber 6 when? ;)

my pc is good, but this game does not run smoothly at 60fps why? same with BR3, only BR5 HD and Rally Point games runs well

The older Director games are frame limited to 30.
We're sorry but it is/was a technical limitation by design, because of Director.

Burnin'Rubber 5HD and the Rally Points were rebuild in Unity where we could more easily make sure you could reach proper fps.

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But Xform, Burnin’ Rubber 3 runs faster in my Laptop. I’ve good specs laptop with 4GB of RAM, but Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD struggles to run on my laptop, but as for Burnin’ Rubber 3, it runs pretty smooth. The laptop is Lenovo Ideapad S145 with AMD Radeon A6.I’ve to use Waterfox Classic just to play Rally Point 6 in peace without any lag, input lag or stutters. ON the other hand, if I play Burnin’ Rubber 3 it runs pretty smooth than Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD.

hey  xform, when  will traffic slam 3, lose the heat 3, AND downtown drift be ported over to pc???

i know that seems absurd 2 ask but what are the specs of the game?

Anything 5/6 years old should be able to run the game. Do read the part about System Requirements and Important on the main page as it will give you some pointers as wel

Ah, the memories. Great game

I want my childhood back :(

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(;-;) Me too! Those good parts of my times of my life were the greatest in my life. Where did those times are gone? ):

problems i have with it are when i shoot alot of rockets at a small window of time the game sends a error that keeps popping up when i try to close it and sometimes flame decals appear big red and white rectangles

will this game work on linux with Wine?

Please add 4k fullscreen 1080p in a window is so hard to see if you want to email me please do

Please add controller support.

Would love to - but the game and source code is getting so old that it is too hard to maintain :(

The good times ever since i played this game for the first time. I like the rotation of cars while turning instead of camera turning like in Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD. Burnin’ Rubber 2 was great becuz the cars turned.Not the camera. I finally got to see day & night time in this game.Theres still 1 problem in this game. Every time ur first in the Boat Race it always shows 4 position. I’ll appreciate if this problem got fixed. It’s difficult to get petite xs bcuz of that problem. The fav car in this game is Phaser GTI.

the memories of going to the computer lab in elementary school and playing burning rubber on shockwave are still with me and now that i can buy this i might as well 

i had bought this on my last laptop awhile ago but it had died on me. i had recently bought a new laptop how do i get it again without buying it?

theres any way to get secret cars without playing burnin rubber 3?.

Don't think so :(

But 1 don’t have any Facebook account, neither twitch nor Discord Account!

hae man, can you send by email, or create a free guest discord (dont need email and password), i know i'm being annoying but you are flooding a lil the comment session!.

Hey Xform, If you can’t all new contents to the old games, at least can you add old contents to the New Game?

Just like you’ve added some cars in Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD which were from Previous Versions of Burnin’ Rubber Like Lightning GTR, Myoko Giant, Vulcan M6,Phaser GTI, GTBLAZE and DX Turbo?

I’ll have to share my ideas here because I don’t have any Discord Server Account!

Thanks for your ideas, but it's kind of filling up the comments section ;) Please gather them all up and send them through mail or Facebook. Thanks!

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I Loved Your Games I’m from India BTW! I always played your games when I was 4-8 years but whenever I played Traffic Slam 2, It lags too much!

I hope you’ll reach $10000 goal so you’ll be able to hire some new workers! 🥰

Thanks for creating such awesome games “I’ve never played Super Man OR Monster”

but I’ve played some of your games like: “Burnin’ Rubber, Traffic Slam 1 and 3, Downtown Drift, and Rally Point Series!”

Thanks for Creating Such Awesome games I’ve bought Burnin’ Rubber 3 on My Desktop and Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My Laptop. I have to download Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My AMD A6 Laptop because My Desktop had 32-bit Windows 7 with Intel Core 2 Duo. It needed 64-bit.

I had 64-bit Windows 7 but my Windows got corrupted and when I checked my newly installed Windows 7, it had 32-bit!

I hope you’ll create such games again!


Sorry for too many comments.

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Because I don’t have a Discord Server Account! So I can’t share my ideas with you there! One day I will have my own Discord Server Account. And I will share my ideas with you!


Traffic Slam 2 still Lags on My new laptop, which is very painful! DK (Don’t Know) How did You created this game! It lags painfully on my new laptop too!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! We won't be adding any new content to the old games. It's almost impossible to do even if we'd want to. Sorry!

Hey Xform, can you add some more cars in this game?

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Hey Xform, can you add Downtown Drift to itch io for free? every time I start it in IE or Chrome, it always says “Unity Web Player, Install Now” since I already have it. And Also add cars like Giant, Myoko Giant, Lightning GTR, Vulcan, Vulcan ZB, Vulcan M6, and Phaser GTI!

I am afraid that you can’t-

If you’re reading this I will appreciate it.


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Hi! Downtown Drift: I don't think so. Sorry. Please join our Discord instead of posting here ;)

I don’t have any discord account!

Hey Xform, can you please add more camera view like in Trailer? I would appreciate it if you Update Burnin’ Rubber 4!



Probably not. Sorry.

Hey Xform, can you please update game Burnin’ Rubber 1 Like car Textures for Burnin’ Rubber 5 as it doesn’t look good for me!


Are you already a member of our discord server? You can discuss your ideas there

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Hey Xform, can you create Burnin' Rubber 6 with Same Car Textures as in Burnin' Rubber 1? 

I Also Want Cars and Their Paintjobs from:

Burnin' Rubber 1, Burnin' Rubber 2, Burnin Rubber 3, Burnin' Rubber 4, Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn, Burnin' Rubber 5-5 HD Burnin' Rubber Shift, 

Redline Rumble Revolution,

Downtown Drift ,Rally Point 1-6!

Here's the video of Burnin' Rubber:

And Please, Create Car Textures from This Game Only.

Add Multiplayer Support Too!

I am asking because i loved Burnin' Rubber 1 and Now' its Discontinued!🙁

And i Also loved about how cars were reflecting.


Thanks for your ideas! When we start developing BR6, we'll definitely make sure to include old paintjobs as well :)


Deleted 1 year ago

Hey Xform, can you add Downtown Drift to itch io for free? every time i start it in IE or Chrome, it always says “Unity Web Player, INstall Now” since i Already have it.

hey xform, ı can't understand but when ı use petite or a vehicle like that and go to garage after playing sometime this approaches:

''properety not found '

wanna continue?'

                                 yes    no

ı say yes but it come s whenever ı press yes and no? it just closes the game

and when ı finish a race game says object instead of properety....

pls help cause it's ur game 

ı used to play this on my childhood but it needed windows 7

so when ı saw my dad didn't got windows 7 ı freaked out and sometime later made the pc crash

and he used to format it 

and now thank you for publising it again

ı wasn't looking at hockwave games for years than ı got a message

'' shockwave is dead''

then ı remembered my childhood and ı cried a lot

and in 2018 u made downloadable version 

now ım so happy thank you xform



Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this crash. I don't think it's possible for us to come up with a solution with the information you're providing. It's always wise to uninstall the game and install it again properly and hope the issue resolves itself. You might also want to try locating your savegame and deleting (moving it temporarily) and see if this helps. Maybe it was corrupted. And of course make sure your computer / operating system meets the system requirements too. Unfortunately, it's a pretty old game and these sorts of problems are likely to appear on a game port like this.

ı tried to copy paste savegame's numbers (ı opened it with notepad) to another new savegame and it worked now my game works properely to get sure ı played but ı was suspicious about something and then ı installed shockwave's unknown pc version (not web) and it worked so properely now ı can play without errors! ^_^

Hi Xform,

If I purchase the game on a pc I am using, will I have to purchase it again on another pc?



You can install it on another PC as well - easiest would be to use the Itch app

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Hey there. I just got the game yesterday, and I'm already almost finished. I have one problem though. The first blizzard ticket has disappeared for some odd reason and now I can't progress in the game since I can't get this one ticket. I've found all other tickets with no problem. I'm not sure if it was moved to a different spot or not. I really don't want to restart all my progress, but if I 100% have to, I will. Can someone help?

(Never mind. I was looking in the wrong place.)


Xform,can you publish Burnin Rubber 4's map?

Any recommendations on how to transfer progress?

i get a director player error when i play br4 for sometime

Have you tried reinstalling shockwave player 


Download Adobe Shockwave 12 


nope thank you for telling me tho


No prob,

Adobe doesn’t have Shockwave Player up on its site anymore so you have to look elsewhere for it.

Hola Xfrom , ayer compre el videojuego pero, aun no me ha llegado la descarga, y el dinero si fue depositado, ¿por favor podría ayudarme con eso?

Hola, recomiendo que cheques tu cuenta bancaria y busca un recibo que contiene el nombre “” con la cantidad que pagaste para el juego, y chequea en tu cuenta de>pulsa tu perfil>Vaz en “Mi colección”/“My Library”

Todos los juegos que has conseguido aparecerán ahí con la opción de descargar

this game was epic but now its costs MONEY and this is NOT epic

Why not FREE?

It would be so cool to see a multiplayer version of BR4


Brmp will be released soon join the xform discord for more info:)

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I've finished this game! It was amazing. Brought back my memories. Graphical effects and highres textures make this game look much better. And also swithing between day and night is cool. I could see how the game looked before GOTY. Errors occur more often. Some times windows with "Property not found" and also with information about some different variables opens. Sometimes clicking yes fixes everything but sometimes it doesn't work. Game is cool as before, even cooler, but I thing you should add km/h system for players from the rest of the world (and maybe remove invisible walls)

I'm looking forward for the 6th part! I think it will be outstanding (Sorry, but Cartapult is a total CRAP!)


Thanks for your message. Cartapult could have been better, but the missions was to create a more casual physics-based game. Let's not even compare it to the other BR games....

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