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oh the joys of playing this as a young child on my grandads slow as pc. was like 15 frames per second but I loved this game so much that didn't stop me. thanks for re realising this for purchase. plan to buy it soon and support the development of burnin rubber 6    :D

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Money? For a freeware game? You can not  be kidding right? Really? Why would you charge money for a freeware game? God dammit!


We've grown enough to have our own credit card to buy these re-releases and Xform needs the money to make Burnin' Rubber 6.

But what if a country doesn't have credit cards? Hmm? HMM?

time to move countries then

Don't be ridiculous. If you have a pc and internet connection available to you, there is a really high chance that you have access to credit cards in your country.

Is there a demo so I can make a video? 

If you're going to make a video you can request a key here:

(please make sure the mail address you enter is the same as specified on Youtube)

Oh im gonna make a series on 3 and 4, bought both :)... so worth it

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So... You Thought You Could Hide This? I Copied The Save File To My Desktop, Pressed New Game And BOOM... SCRIPT ERRORS FOR DAYS, After Loading I SawThe Whole Map On My Screen From The Corner Of The Map, Here It Is LOL:

Edit: Time To Try The Other Maps XD

...I Remember.. I Was Like 5... Playing This Game... When I Got To The Jungle Map I Was The Happiest Ever

Thanks for these kind words. It was an awesome experience to make such an incredible webgame :)

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Thank YOU For Making This Game... Spent Like 2 Years Playing This Awesome Game

I Also Remember The Music While Playing  Was Always A Short Clip, Has Been Fixed

I Remember Asking My Mom How To Use The Guns.. AND THE STRUGGLE OF FINDING OUT HOW TO GET TO THE OTHER MAPS (I Couldnt Speak English Back Then)

Is There A Story To This Game? I Mean Police Cars With Machine Guns, S.W.A.T Vans With Miniguns And A Turret That Attacks On Sight? 

Please Make The Next Game A Free Roam Game Too (Make Sure I Can Run It On Integrated Graphics XD)



I can unlock all maps, except the city and the docks. I found a easter egg. When i travel the Jungle, I stop the rocks with a secret, and I see people at the cliff who are standing. I complete the final boss mission. I figured out how to get an endless turbo. And sometimes random exploding cars. And when I launch, I'll take a full screen.

$4 USD for this and BR3 is a good sale

Burnin Rubber 2


There isn't really a point since you can still play it on websites

Where? I couldn't find any website where this game is available. Tell me if you know one, I really want to play it. :)

Im getting a weird audio bug in both br 3 and 4 where the audio for the guns and engines sometimes doesnt play or keeps echoing/looping after i stop shooting

Hello xform,

I just want to tell you thanks you to put it back publicly because I played it very much when I was little boy and I just loved this game so much. It was my birthday recently so maybe I will buy it ! :)

Add payment by phone, please


is the tank in this version?


If you have Burnin' Rubber 3 Standalone and gained the World Domination trophy you can unlock the tank by putting your BR3 savegame in the BR4 save folder. You can find your BR3 save game at C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3\Prefs\XBR3Data.txt Copy and paste it to C:\Users[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber4\Prefs Unfortunately we cannot automate this process. Start the game and claim your tank!

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Hello do you know were are the saves files stored? so I can transfer the saves from my laptop .

yes :)

It depends a bit on which Windows version you are but you should look into
C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber4\Prefs
there is a file there called XBR4GOTY.txt

Thats your save file :)


Thank youu :)  this will help

HELLO! I can only pay by card ! pay pal I can't create me just 11 years ! I don't have a document number or a passport! how to pay? there are no scheta as in steam !

ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ! Я могу заплатить только карточкой! платный приятель, я не могу создать меня всего 11 лет! У меня нет номера документа или паспорта! как платить? нет scheta , как в паре!


Somehow I never realised this before...

Were the Burnin Rubber games designed to be played with a 'qwerty' keyboard?

Because as a user of a 'qwertz' keyboard I only now noticed that all controlls (exept driving) are neatly placed in one row of keys... exept the primary weapon, which is still bound to z (between t and u).

At the same time y (next to x) is not being used for anything.

I never noticed this back years ago when I didn't care about drifting or looking back, but some wicked finger twisting is required to use all of the controlls with 'qwertz'.

Is there a workaround to bind my guns to'y' or if not, could you implement such a thing easily? (something like a setting "primary fire y/z" in the launcher)

The only other thing I could think of is changing the keyboard input settings to my entire PC everytime I play.

This is almost just a cosmetic thing, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

You're the Professor, aren't you?

I'm sure you can figure out how to fix it.

Hello XForms ! I never dared to buy your game on this questionable site ! why does the site ask for 3 numbers by which the site can gain control of the card? if it is not necessary to enter these numbers please record a video how to get around it! or convert the game to steam!

Hi Ugalek,

It is pretty normal to enter those numbers. If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card you can use Paypal as well.
Unfortunately we won't be porting this version to Steam.


Ugalek, Amazon uses the 3 digit security code on your credit card, eBay does, and every site I paid that requires credit card requires the  digit security card. That way, people won't just be able to use your credit card without the security code. Also, is safe and I never had any problems. Try using Paypal if you want as that is what I did and it worked fine.

I definitely remember a bug (from years ago) where I would enter the FINAL BOSS mission and instantly win before the countdown even starts!

It was hilarious, but I was never able to play it normally.

I'm posting this just in case no one ever reported it and in case it could appear again.

Hi! That bug has been fixed :D

That is great to know! :D

Although I found one bug that is still here:

The (first) boat race in the jungle area does not work correctly. The position counter is always stuck at 4/4, and when the finish line is crossed nothing happens at all. When I leave the course I will fall through the ground eventually.

I cannot complete the race and therefore not get the petite xs, which is one of my favorites.

Xform has fixed the jungle boat races. I can get the Petite XS.

There are too many problems with the br4, They must investigate because I can not even really play it, that has been to abandon it

Can you tell us your settings - on the default settings the game runs perfectly.
If you enable features from the advanced tab - performance may vary. 


Dear XForm,

Can you please add that you can pay with iDeal, and also add that you can buy the game with every currency (USD, Euros, Pounds ect.) So that I also am able to play the game

Hi! I think the payment options are determined by Sorry!

EDIT:The game is very laggy even at the lowest settings on my PC, though my PC runs on the highest settings alot more requiring games. Basically, this game is very laggy on a good PC even on lowest settings.

The same thing happens to me, the same as br3

I5 Integrated GPU Works Fine LOL

I7 doesn't.

Thats Retarded LOL

Wait Nevermind.

To XForm itself

PLEASE, you have ALOT of bugs. Fix em:

-Docks collision is made lazy, nitro and jumping can get you in water and you will not respawn on land.

-When you replace ANY game model it crashes.

-Loadings are WAY TOO long.

Hi Metal Knight,

In your message you mention 3 issues, of which one may be considered a bug.
Although it is clear to me that you are actually looking for this glitch to happen.

Your issues have been noted. Now please stop posting these kinds of remarks. They are not really fair.

Diederik / Xform

To xform

Oh, sorry. I mistaked the words. Docks collision is not a glitch, it's just not done. Replacing model is... i am not sure, sorry. Loadings are surely a issue. Sorry for mistaking.

How do i disable the taskbar when in fullscreen mode?


most of the time the taskbar is hidden automatically - if not please try alt+enter (when ingame!)
Please let me know how it goes!


Burnin' Rubber 2 Standalone?

You can still play BR2 in Preloader in Shockwave!

You can still play Burnin' Rubber 2:

in a launcher disable 'show borders' then click alt+enter, it should work

How much is this game really? I have $5.36 in my prepaid but it keeps getting declined >=(

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VAT19 might be an issue here. I'm not well informed myself, but at least europeans (like me) have to pay an extra tax of 19% due to laws and stuff...

At least that would explain why $5.36 are not enough.

Edit: just in case that wasn't clear, xform would not be responsible for that, it's the way itch shows the price of something

hello xform we want to thank you for taking burnin rubber 4 but not all can buy it I know you need money to continue developing games but not all have a card to buy it please xform make the game free for the first days of its release for those people who want to play again but can not play it

I loved this game but i can't buy it :c

My wish is coming true that standalone version of BR4 was came out!

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How much money did you got from THIS?

Doing easy calculations, you got like 700$ in total from Burnin' Rubber 3 and Burnin' Rubber 5HD. A little too much, isn't it?

50 reviews that buyed the game in Steam, 50x10=500$. Burnin' Rubber 3 was buyed by 70 people i think, 70x3=210$. 500+210=710$.

A little too much, isn't it?

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What do you mean  by much? Do you think $ 700 is much? I don't understand.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes, what do you mean by much? $700 is very little for all the work they put into it. I bet if I payed you Metal Knight $700 you can't even make a game as good as Burnin Rubber 3 let alone 4. Xform is really charging less than normal for a game like this. I would have thought this game would cost $9.99, but we are getting it for $4.99 which is VERY Cheap and affordable! Metal Knight, how about you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free that way. It cost Xform a lot of time and knowledge to make the game and make the standalone.

To XformNaN

Firstly, XForm is not a one man. It's a company, so if I would have a company, 700$ and that engine i COULD have maked Burnin' Rubber 3. But the point is not that, where are the ACTUAL games? Standalone, remaster, HD, when the company has already enough money for atleast one actual game? That was my message. And yes:

To XForm itself

PLEASE, you have ALOT of bugs. Fix em:

-Docks collision is made lazy, nitro and jumping can get you in water and you will not respawn on land.

-When you replace ANY game model it crashes.

-Loadings are WAY TOO long.

Sure, but they are a small company. That means each person gets a fraction of $700. Each person gets even less than $700 you understand? You could have "maked" Burnin Rubber 3? Adobe Director cost already around $800 or more plus you need 3ds Max which also costs hundreds of dollars. Also, they need computers to make the game which cost thousands of dollars. I think they don't really make much money. If you think they are too expensive, like I said, you try making Burnin Rubber 4 yourself and you can have it free.


I already said, XForm ALREADY has 3DS Max, Adboe Director, computers, people. This is part 4, part 3 was already on Director and had alot of same models. Get my point?

But actually my point is:Why are they still making remasters/remakes of old games? Burnin' Rubber 3,4,5HD and other. They should already have enough money to make a new game, not a remaster.

Yes, i meant 700$ is kinda much. I mean, those games were online and yep, remastered. But 700$ is already enough to make atleast 1 new game/something what do you do. I hope you are a company that didn't wasted those 700$ instantly.

I find some disrespect Your comment,
1 You have to share the profits, To survive you need money They share the money, and believe me it's not so much
2 They are saved in case of emergency, in case this happens again, or something greater OR staying bankrupt
3 years of experience in free games, And do not win anything, I think it's a good opportunity to take out the game.
4 They keep it for the next game

From 2007 - 2018 all the free games, and I do not know how they survive to not eat gives money to Xform, and Xform supports by being on the site and promoting it sometimes (i.e Billboards or Bullet 350's skin for the opponents in Easy Street.) Now that Adobe Shockwave is not supported for browsers, we have to pay in order to play and support Xform for their next works. Who knows, maybe from all these earnings that they can create something even better!

theres a major bug in this game where in the first oil rig mission, the entire course is broken as passing the other boats does not change your position and reaching the finish will not end the race, this should be one of the highest priorities in the next patch.

after 8 years - I infally found this small, weird bug
It will be fixed in the next update... stay tuned

as a workaround go to the boat missions from the city - not from the jungle -> boat

hey xfrom i have a quick question, when BR6 got released (hopefully yes), the BR3 and BR4 standalones will be free?

>-< I would like to have a credit card and dollars :,

thank you so much 

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Thanks Xform! I Love Burnin' Rubber 4! Xform Power!



Yes - it is here! :)

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