Version 1.2 Live

-- Burnin' Rubber 4 Standalone v1.2 / Game v2.2 

* workaround/fix for dissapearing world when stuff explodes!!
* moved unlimited Nitro to N key!
* fixed an issue with mounted turret
* fixed issue where mines - still available in world - could cause issues when entering the Safehouse
* fixed erratic flame behaviour of rocket in slowmotion mode
* to avoid issues in free camera mode with the new WASD keys there has been some enhancements to the free camera mode
  - per default the world will be frozen when entering the free camera mode
  - per default the interface and minimap will be hidden when entering the free camera mode - so you can make nicer screenshots
  - you can toggle off/on the interface and minimap by pressing 7/8
  - you can toggle the world being frozen off/on by pressing 9/0
  Please understand the freecamera mode was used during development and was/is never intended to be a full user polished functionality.
  Use at your own risk and issues can/might occur! 

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