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What is it?

Burnin' Rubbber Crash n' Burn is the official Burnin' Rubber 4 tribute game. It was also one of our first Unity developed games. Collect cash in over 25+ missions to unlock new cars, style gagdets and upgrades. Destroy as much as you can with an explosive slowmo 'after touch'-mode as a cherry on top!

You can get this game for FREE by becoming a Hero through our patreon! https://www.patreon.com/xformgames


- 30 missions to finish!
- 6 cars, including 2 non-original BR4 cars.
- 5 styles. E.g. Fiery or toxic range attacks
- 6 gadgets. E.g. additional explosives, jumps, magnets, etc.
- 9 Upgrades for all you styles & gadgets. E.g. speed, handling, boost power, etc!
- Improvements & Fixes 

System requirements

Burnin' Rubbber Crash n' Burn should run properly even on older machines (5+ years old).  High quality mode (enable in main menu) can put a bit of strain on your machine so keep that in mind. We recommend running the game in 1280x720 - fullscreen by Alt + Enter ingame or press the fullscreen button on the main menu.

Please mail for help or any issues to support@xformgames.com

XformGames Archives

Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn  is part of the XformGames Archives. A carefully selected line of the best Xform Games - ported or remastered for old and new fans alike. 


You can get this game for FREE by becoming a Hero through our patreon! https://www.patreon.com/xformgames
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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAction, Racing
Tags3D, Explosions, free-roam, Retro, rubber, Sandbox


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Version 4


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why did it disappear from play market?


removed due to never getting an update

Are you planning to also add vehicles from the Android version (Sports Pack, MilitaryPack  etc.)? As this is the paid version of Burnin' Rubber CnB, it would be nice to see them in game ;)

Probably not, sorry.

(1 edit)

I really don't want to have to deal with unwieldy joystick controls and annoying bugs just for some extra cars.

Xform, What happened to the game on the appstore you Barely Update burnin Rubber Crash n burn on the appstore i played it when i was like abt 7-9 years old but i tried updating it but it would still boot me out so can You Please....... Update it, It would be the happiest day of my life if it got an update.        

-Signed By GanzUwU

But, why not? it will be so awesome, like a android version without bugs and new cars, without pay for it

Does BR2 Coming on itch.io

Hopefully - it is a tricky game to update


is the Downtown Drift and Trickalized Standalone Version is Coming to Itch.io?


That would be great! No  sure tho...

Are you going release Burnin Rubber 2 Standalone Version on the Itch.io?

Are you gonna make Android of Burnin' Rubbber Crash n' Burn

Hi XformGames, I love your games, I've been playing them since I was 9 years old. I don't currently have a PC, do you plan to update this game on mobile versions? I can't play it having an Android 11, would it be possible? I want to pay for them, I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate XformGames and games, they were my childhood. I thank you very much for creating them for free through Shockwave a long time ago. Excuse my English, I'm Spanish.

is the Burnin Rubber 2 Standalone Version To Be Planned to Released Date on the Itch.io?

is the Burnin Rubber 2 Standalone Version To Be Arrival at Itch.io?


is the Power Driving and Go Kart Go Turbo Standalone Version is Coming To Itch.io?

It's becoming harder and harder to keep being able to build these old games. We hope so :)

Can you make a standalone version of Power Driving and GokartGo Turbo Please? 

Those would indeed be a great addition - although both are tough to make and update as a lot of that art is 2d and scales badly. Would you be happy with a version where the resolution would be fixed to their original, intended size?


im just very happy to see T H I S in my feed! danke!


Burnin Rubber 2 Standalone Verison Is Coming To Itch.io?

Hey there, Gameplay SP and I really need your help.

Can you create a map with hidden cash stashes?


is traffic slam next?


finally you did it!!! now we just need BR2 and BRS

Can you upload Burnin' Rubber 4 and 3 on Steam?

when burnin rubber 2 standalone going to release date

great job putting the Display Framerate option, I hope you guys keep putting this option in the next games

Key Please... My Gmail Is alexdoesgaming73@gmail.com

Interesting... I'm more concerned about another question: In the game, in addition to the 6 original vehicles, are there also those that can be bought in the mobile version for real money as DLC? If not, then things are, in principle, so-so...

No - not at the moment. But we will probably enable them in an update.
Technically it is not difficult - but it influences the game and we would probably need them to be unlocked someho

Well, if so, then okay, there’s nowhere to rush anyway... And so - you always have to choose something - either the original remaster, or the mobile version with all DLC through the emulator... And this is provided that all mobile versions of DLC cost more than the remaster itself. :)

I'm hoping the standalone will include the vehicle packs because I really don't want to have to deal with unwieldy joystick controls.


Are BR 2/cartapult/shift comming?

Deleted 1 year ago