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Is Burnin' Rubber Shift/Cartapult comming?

When will any of the traffic slam games be released as standalone games?

I can move them up a bit, but we have couple of games in the backlog to do first. We're going as fast as we can... 

Like to do them though :D Especially the first.  I am most 'scared' for the second one as that is Flash


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When will Burnin' Rubber 2 standalone be released?


Can You All Your Games Make For Free Please...

Everyone Will Love It

They are a two person dev team they need money to make more games and to support their family's


Requests for days, Burnin’ Rubber 2 PLEASE?!


Hi XForm! Are you guys going to make a standalone version of Army Of The Dammed? If so I be glad to buy it.

Wow..the latest update makes the CPU step up its game this time, and the game overall runs a bit smoother. Thank you! 

No thanks! I made a small error when implementing some basis gamepad controls which indirectly influenced a bit of the AI behaviour as well :( Sorry

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;-; My childhood, now it’s paid. I wanted to play this as standalone yet I play it on Internet Explorer browser.

(;-;) My childhood game,😂 IT’S BACK!

Hey Xform, did you fixed the AI problems we had earlier?

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Hey Xform, can you publish Burnin’ Rubber 2? Make Sure you Check the game, source codes. The Shockwave had your game files & Unity3dgames has publicly available.

Xform said that they will release BR2 standalone. Be patient.

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PLease fix This Problem in this game! Game should be difficult, like Opponent performing well turns, crashes into player by the very back end of corner of where it’s, to turn your car very hardly towards backwards.


AI behaviour has been addressed in the latest build

But the cpu should perform well like it did before!

It is the same - there have been no changes to the AI behaviour. Maybe your memory of the game is different than it actually was. It has been a while ;)

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Hey xform, do cars flip In this game? Because when I hit computer opponent in Desert Canyon above the bridge, the car flew inside the canyon mountain. then this happened:! The car was upside down when respawned above the bridge, but the it sank under the bridge, & car was straight when sank, but again it flipped & sank, then respawned. Had to take the weird screenshot. Also, when Computer Oppnent’s car at starting on bridge hit me, I flew out of the level, but then respawned. Imean, i flew out really far, I can see the level’s in geoid shape!

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Hey Xform, you know the game’s still on shockwave? If you paste this Burnin’ Rubber Shockwave Preloader link In Internet Explorer 11’s Address bar, you can play this as standalone version, because if you played this on any browser, it’ll download on your computer! Then there’s Unity3dgame’s weblink. Highly recommend having Adobe Shockwave already installed & Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode. Highly recommend having Adobe Shockwave already installed & Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode, then click on run control if it asks to run “Shockwave ActiveX Control”. This means that they’ve your game files, even though shockwave removed them from their page, but the files of this game’s still there. & I’m pretty sure it’sn’t out of place.

Would’ve prefered without bloom, but thats fine. Thanks for adding controler support, even I used laptop keys for playing.

You can turn off bloom in the advanced section of the starter. It should be off per default though...

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I was addicted to Burnin' Rubber as a child! 

I tried out the game, and it was awesome! Also, I subscribed in Patreon!

It was awesome exept the fact that opponent ai is broken. 


To be honest, I thought I was the only one. It gets stuck in the very few seconds of the game, like “WHY WONT WONT YOU TURN DAMN IT”

Hopefully Xform will start fixing bugs in thier games.

Finally :D

:D Did you played back in those days?


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ok i played back in 2013-2016, later, I stopped. Because I didn’t got interest anymore. I even stopped playing burnin’ rubber 4! The reason’s I was not interested anymore, like i stopped playing burnin’ rubber 3, 5HD




omg i can't believe


epic, i want to play it, but i can't buy it, maby some day.

NO, if you want to play & can’t resist, buy it. It’s in-budget game. You should buy it, not someday.