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There are bugs with the game. I can't select the vehicle I want & then play the game. I also notice that there is abnormal icons on the main menu & when you play the game that shouldn't be there. Lastly, the data are not saved when you quit the game. Please fix. Thanks.


Can you be a bit more specific? What icons for you mean? And how do you select your vehicle and how isn't it working? What are your steps - do we van reproduce the issue(s).

Would you like me to share screen caps & /or video recording?

What I mean is that when I go to the vehicle selection & click play, I cannot find a way to exit the menu without having to close the game. In addition, the game does not save when you close the game. That's what I mean.

Ok, I can work with that. What about the icons?

Can you check if you have a User folder located in the OperationDesertRoad_Data folder - at your install location?