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What is it?

Offroad racing with the fastest cars - equipped with unlimited nitro. Be aware though! Too much nitro will overheat your car with explosive consequences... Can you finish in time to unlock new cars and tracks?

Rally Point 6 is the sixth and final entry in the long running Rally Point series. I don't know what to say here anymore... it has fast cars and tracks. Do it!

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  • 9 Cars
  • 9 Tracks
  • 3 Environments
  • 10 Ingame achievements
  • Completely remastered
  • Highres textures, music and SFX
  • Fancy post-effects
  • Lightning fast-performance - gone are the days of 30 fps

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Rally Point is part of the XformGames Archives. A carefully selected line of the best Xform Games - ported or remastered for old and new fans alike. 

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreRacing, Action
Tags3D, fast, nitro, Retro, time-attac


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Version 5


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Does will come this Rally Point Series and Burnin Rubber Series to Steam and GJ

Hey, I've found something that I can call an "easteregg" in this game. I was looking for a button with which I can turn the lights on/off (in previous parts it was the F button) and accidently I found out that number buttons can trigger some actions:

1 - engine overheat effect

3 - nitro distance pop-up

4 - Wrong Way pop-up

5 - time check pop-up

6 - turn warning

Maybe they aren't very useful on they own but it's still interesting that they exist. 

And btw you can't turn the lights on/off with any button. They turn on only while reversing and in dark levels (Xform, can you fix it)?

Why is BR2 not for sale? Also what happened to Redline Rumble and why isn't it also for sale? I would 100% buy them.

how do i delete my saved game or records?


delete the RallyPoint6 folder

Can you guys remove the miniclip logo like you did in your other games?

All your games look awesome and are really well made, but racing games need controller support! Please, look at Rewired or cInput for Unity. I want to play your games but I refuse to drive with a keyboard. Keep up the awesome work all the same :)

Thanks Jeff. There should be some basic controller support working in-game. Making the menu screens work with controller is usually not worth the trouble. We've used Rewired in some projects (i.e. Super Man Or Monster) and it worked pretty good. For our new games, we're working with the new unity input system. Seems okay-ish for now, but again, the UI stuff is usually the tricky part :)


Will you remaster Katie Commando?