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it says adobe projector has stopped working help please??


Please send a mail with details to support(at) Please include as many detail as possible! 

Can You Make The Burnin Rubber 4 Standalone Because I Really Wanna Play It And Even Though Its Not On Can You Make The Standalone Version And When Will You Start To Make It :)!


yes - working on it :)

Awesome! I am glad that the games return as standalone downloads  :D

The only two things left to make it perfect in my mind are resolution options with 16:9 and gamepad driving input. But even without... 

Hours of fun, here I come!


exelente este juego me da nostalgia de cuando venia corriendo de la escuela a jugarlo y como me peleaba con mis hermanos para que me dejaran la pc xD ojala que saquen br4 :,v


You guys should make a downloadable version of BR4, it's a good game cause of it's freeroam 


Dear developers, if you are working on BR6, please tell me, there will be multiplayer?

Hi Esteban! BR6 is in concept-phase, meaning that we're thinking about what it should be. It will have multiplayer. You can chat about BR and other Xform games here:

Thank you very much for your games, I am very happy and wish you success in the development of BR 6.

Will it be made in the old Adobe Director-based engine or a more modern engine such as in UE4 or Unity?

Hey xform I wonder if you can Bring BR1 and BR2 as a standalone too because they can't work properly due to the resolution and the data loss for BR1 so that way we can enjoy them with a bigger resolution because the web game version doesn't work properly on Win 10 so I suggest you to make them free instead of paid like BR3 Standalone.

At this moment, we don't have any plans to do BR1 and BR2. Sorry :(


The game doesn’t work it keeps saying “This application cannot start as it cannot create needed files, there may not be enough disk space” help pls

please send a mail to
please include your system specifcations 

please also inform us where you installed the game (folder location)


Best game ever,i'm waiting for BR4 :)


Alex u dog my shit 



Alex you dogged my fucked up shit 


Why won't you upload this game on Steam?  More people would know about this game, and more payment optins will be available (for example PaySafeCard, which I have).

The platform is easier to use (it takes less work to get a game project set up). Also, our old Shockwave games are not good enough quality wise to compete on Steam. There are quite some technical problems with the games that are hard to fix for a proper Steam release. I'm sorry that doesn't have the payment options you want to use, but you're better off complaining to than here ;)

I am complete opposite. Why don't you upload the Burnin Rubber 5 HD to I don't like Steam and don't want to deal with their unnecessary software. Also, is great to accept Paypal as it is the easiest way to pay.

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xform what will be next ... BR1, BR2, or BR4

Burnin' Rubber 4,cuz br1 and br2 are still playable.

are you high or something? you still can play BR 1 and 2 already on Firefox...

I found a bug in this game and it really frustrates me! :( 

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Hi! You can always try telling us about it, so we might be able to fix it? You can report it here or join our Discord here:

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I like to play it again, but I'd prefer buying this on steam!

Small resolution, textures are bugged in forests, i think you should add it on steam

@xform Are you planning on doing a BR4 Standalone?

Why deleted Shockwave Games?

Cause' all browsers available deleted the plug-ins support for Adobe Director and Unity.

Not all browsers, Internet Explorer still supports those but since Shockwave removed the games from their website, it is very hard to find a website that has them.


burnin rubber 4 pls


Burnin rubber 4 : )

I like the shockwave games

They released it!

A good game


Make the game free you guys promised.


We cannot make this game for free unfortunately. And no, we did not promise that. I'm sorry if you cannot afford it or do not have a payment method accepts. :(


It's ok, i wish i can pay the game with my local money.


lit as fucc bruh

lit as br4 and br3 in a mix...


It's here again! :)

Is it possible to do the BR4 standalone?


Yes :)



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