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how to unlock fps limit?

i use 144hz monitor but this game's ingame frs limit is 32.

how to unlock 60 or 144fps?

Unfortunately you cannot unlock the fps - as this is very old tech the framerate had to be capped to make sure it would run fine online. 
During the standalone port we did some test to unlock or either cap it to 60 but that proved too troublesome :(

This game run in Windows 7? 

Yes - there should be no issue!

I was bought, I love this game much, thanks a lot for publishing this game to us!!!!

No thanks needed :) Enjoy the game!

Hello I bought this game but I forgot my email to log into it please help.

 Hey xfrom please android version for burnin rubber 4 please!!!! This is my dream 

It is my (Pieters) dream too ;) But it is a lot of work - and we're quite busy atm...

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Hello XformGames

Can You Add Burnin rubber games on Steam?

These versions of BR3 and 4 will not hit steam unfortunately,

purchased and installed, but it saying out of memory.

can i request refund?

i7-8700 cpu


GTX1080Ti Founders Edition GPU

windows 10

Hi! Sorry to hear that the game does not work on your machine. Here's more information on refunds on

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I quit the game and then run it again. 

Data has been initialized. 

Why is this happening?

Please correct this problem as 

soon as possible.

We need some more information.  For example: what do you mean by ‘Data had been initialized’? Please contact support.

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 Hey xfrom please android version on google play #burnin ruber 3 for free beta version please!!!!


you are fucking Retarded?

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Calling someone a "fucking retard" isn't the best thing to say to someone you disagree with.


hey xform I cant seem to run the game, I clicked border using 1440x1080(that isn't not in my available settings since I can only run at 1920x1080.) also the screen tends to glitch and I cant go farther than "create a domination" the next and back buttons on screen are out of reach causing me to get stuck on the menu. would be nice if you added 1920x1080 support 16:9 aspect ratio. I've been dying for this release and its a bummer I can't even play it.


Hey Xform! Love your games, especially BR3! I just wanted to point out that on my computer (using a Nvidia graphics card audio), there is a weird quirk where the sound stops working (the game goes mute) whenever I retry a stage or mission. I know this didn't happen in the web version, and I don't know if I am the only one, but I hope that this is useful.

Thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into it!

You're not the only one, and it haven't been fixed.

Hello, I was wondering about that BR5 "Bloodrun" version, I've seen a video of it and was wondering, is it  going to be released?

Hi Avidia! It's not going to be released unfortunately, although it might be a game mode in BR6!

hello xform games is it possible that mabye if you could add some joypad conrtroler function to the game if possible am just suggesting thanks for now


If I recall correctly we did try out some joypad stuff way, way, way back!
I can check for you - but I dont have a schedule for that since we're a bit busy atm.
Will put it on the list!


Not related at all to Xform, however I'd recommend using a program like JoyToKey (my personal favourite) or Xmapper until they can implement official gamepad support. Cheers!

how to get body kit for cars

You complete races either in Domination or Daily Challenges. While the body kit part unlock will be consistent to the challenge in Domination, it is randomized in Daily Challenges, so be aware.


Hello xform! Burnin rubber 3 seems to have audio lag and the sound of the vehicle's engine and the sound of the terrain it is moving on is quite broken and gets stuck. It happens frequently. Please help.

However, the gameplay doesn't lag as well as the music.

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Hello xform is this game safe to download in and is the game really 2.99 USD that seems a little cheap I only have 200 PHP (3.81 USD) I use to have 1,000 PHP but my sister still owes me 900 PHP (i have 100 PHP that i still have there in my wallet) I can only afford this game not BR4  or BR5 and I'll ask my parents if they can buy me this game you could take your time. I play BR2, BR3 (was my favorite until BR5 came out) BR4, BR5 but now I am 11 years old i remeber playing BR3 first then the others then I became addicted to BR5 hope fully you could answer my question as fast as possible. EDIT: I live in the Philippines so am broke

Hi GamerJens, 

Yes the game is 2.99 - and still as fun as the original one ;)


Burnin' Rubber 3 Standalone v1.4 / Game v2.4? Xform

yes - it is internal/external version so we can differ more easily between de standalones and the old ones. Nothing to get worried about ;)

Hello XForm ! I never dared to buy your game on this questionable site ! why does the site ask for 3 numbers by which the site can gain control of the card? if it is not necessary to enter these numbers please record a video how to get around it! or convert the game to steam!

Hi Ugalek,

It is pretty normal to enter those numbers. If you don't feel comfortable using a credit card you can use Paypal as well. Unfortunately we won't be porting this version to Steam.


When I enable motion blur in the launcher the game starts to lag really bad, independent of any other settings as far as my experience goes.

Also, things close to the camera become slightly transparent by the combination of motion blur and nitrous!

Could this be hardware dependent? I am using the appearently dangerous combination of Windows 10 and NVIDIA, but the rest of the game works just fine for me.

Hi Coolkopf,

The motion blur is a pretty performance intensive effect. Especially since we use a rather brute force approach as Director doesn't support shaders or even a basic form of image effects. My advice would be to turn it off.
Windows 10 and NVIDIA has nothing to do with it.


Dear XForm,

Can you please add that you can pay with iDeal, and also add that you can buy the game with every currency (USD, Euros, Pounds ect.) So that I also am able to play the game

Hi! I bought the game and I played it but I have 2 questions.

1. Why can't I save my data? I mean, when I create a new domination, play for a bit, then exit the game and when I come back, the domination is gone. There should be a "Continue Domination" button, I'm pretty sure. I have to create new dominations and play over and over every time I enter the game, which is stupid.

2. Is it possible to play in higher fps, because when I play it feels like I'm playing on... idk, maybe 30 fps? If it's not possible, no problem I can keep like that. Just to mention, I'm using a 144hz monitor but I don't think this matters a lot but just in case.


As far as we can tell there should be no issue with data saving.
Are you logged in? Are there restrictions to you as a Window user? The save game should be located in
C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11\BurninRubber3\Prefs

About your second question. Unfortunately the game is limited at around 30 fps.
While technically Director (the software used to build BR3) can run at higher fps we never could squeeze the performance out of it with the stuff we wanted to do... 


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I tried to disable any windows user restrictions. I re-installed the game and did many other things but it still doesn't save my data. I hope you have any ideas how can I fix that.


Is there anything in the folder I mentioned earlier? is there a file?

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That's weird... There was something in this folder but after I re-installed the game it's gone. There isn't anything in the folder right now. 

EDIT: There was a folder with name Adobe. Now it's gone.

that is odd - since that folder is not managed by the installer 
it is created when the game runs - and as far as I know won't be removed

are you running any virus or malware software which might disable the files to be saved there?

Actually, Director does support 60FPS too and I did play Metal Mayhem World Tour in 60 FPS and it is really smooth. I do know if you mod BR3 to run in 60fps, it messes up the timing. This is also a problem with BR4, but both games support 60FPS fine. Maybe you can fix the timing issue so enemies don't get to shoot faster and you slower. 

However, I actually like 60FPS for BR4 as it makes it a bit harder and everything is smoother. If Xform has time, a proper 60FPS would be nice, but look, they just released an awesome update which fixes a lot of the real problems. 60 FPS is a minor thing.

please release the burning rubber 3 and 4 on steam

Deleted 1 year ago

it says adobe projector has stopped working help please??


Please send a mail with details to support(at) Please include as many detail as possible! 

Can You Make The Burnin Rubber 4 Standalone Because I Really Wanna Play It And Even Though Its Not On Can You Make The Standalone Version And When Will You Start To Make It :)!


yes - working on it :)

Awesome! I am glad that the games return as standalone downloads  :D

The only two things left to make it perfect in my mind are resolution options with 16:9 and gamepad driving input. But even without... 

Hours of fun, here I come!


exelente este juego me da nostalgia de cuando venia corriendo de la escuela a jugarlo y como me peleaba con mis hermanos para que me dejaran la pc xD ojala que saquen br4 :,v


You guys should make a downloadable version of BR4, it's a good game cause of it's freeroam 


Dear developers, if you are working on BR6, please tell me, there will be multiplayer?

Hi Esteban! BR6 is in concept-phase, meaning that we're thinking about what it should be. It will have multiplayer. You can chat about BR and other Xform games here:

Thank you very much for your games, I am very happy and wish you success in the development of BR 6.

Will it be made in the old Adobe Director-based engine or a more modern engine such as in UE4 or Unity?

Hey xform I wonder if you can Bring BR1 and BR2 as a standalone too because they can't work properly due to the resolution and the data loss for BR1 so that way we can enjoy them with a bigger resolution because the web game version doesn't work properly on Win 10 so I suggest you to make them free instead of paid like BR3 Standalone.

At this moment, we don't have any plans to do BR1 and BR2. Sorry :(


The game doesn’t work it keeps saying “This application cannot start as it cannot create needed files, there may not be enough disk space” help pls

please send a mail to
please include your system specifcations 

please also inform us where you installed the game (folder location)


Best game ever,i'm waiting for BR4 :)


Alex u dog my shit 



Alex you dogged my fucked up shit 


Why won't you upload this game on Steam?  More people would know about this game, and more payment optins will be available (for example PaySafeCard, which I have).

The platform is easier to use (it takes less work to get a game project set up). Also, our old Shockwave games are not good enough quality wise to compete on Steam. There are quite some technical problems with the games that are hard to fix for a proper Steam release. I'm sorry that doesn't have the payment options you want to use, but you're better off complaining to than here ;)

I am complete opposite. Why don't you upload the Burnin Rubber 5 HD to I don't like Steam and don't want to deal with their unnecessary software. Also, is great to accept Paypal as it is the easiest way to pay.

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 1 year ago

xform what will be next ... BR1, BR2, or BR4

Burnin' Rubber 4,cuz br1 and br2 are still playable.

are you high or something? you still can play BR 1 and 2 already on Firefox...

I found a bug in this game and it really frustrates me! :( 

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Hi! You can always try telling us about it, so we might be able to fix it? You can report it here or join our Discord here:

Deleted 1 year ago

I like to play it again, but I'd prefer buying this on steam!

Small resolution, textures are bugged in forests, i think you should add it on steam

@xform Are you planning on doing a BR4 Standalone?

Why deleted Shockwave Games?

Cause' all browsers available deleted the plug-ins support for Adobe Director and Unity.

Not all browsers, Internet Explorer still supports those but since Shockwave removed the games from their website, it is very hard to find a website that has them.

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