Version 1.1 Live

-- Burnin Rubber 3 Standalone v1.1 / Game v2.1 

// Fixes, tweaks and updates
* fixed daily challenges
* workaround for the #emissive error
* fixed bloom bug shader
* panther textures in correct order
* shadow projection now properly down
* eclipse stock bumpers no longer 'sink' into them
* you can turn off the window border from the launcher
* added ctrl+q shortquit to instaquit the game (as you can have no border)
* added 1080p resolution (1440x1080) 
* ctrl+i to show current version 
* fixed 'tiny' inferno rims
* fixed all kinds of wheel issues (flipped, rotated and what not)
* implemented uncompressed music

// Experimental
* AI Cars now have the same 'advanced car script as the user' (nothing weird - it is just a better script although a bit more performance heavy)
* You can toggle fullscreen by pressing alt+enter (not in the preloader)
- no guarantees and no support!!
- you will notice some stretching

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can you xform make so you can mod this game with skins?


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I would like to report a small problem, but let me just say the game is really bada$$ in general. But I found a weird bug issue that I'm witnessing. Whenever I finished the Convoy race in Asia, the secondary weapon upgrade didn't show up for me for some reason. I know it's weird, but I'm asking to get this small weird bug fixed because I kept on finishing Convoy a couple times already, but the Secondary Weapon Upgrade STILL didn't show up for me and it's frustrating me!

Thanks for the info - We will investigate!

No Problem. :)

By the way, is the BR4 standalone going to be on as well just like BR3?