Version 1.3 Live

-- Burnin' Rubber 3 Standalone v1.3 / Game v2.3 

* fixed shadow orientation
* fixed Inferno right back wheel issue in garage
* some minor tweaks here and there
* tweaked and updated lighting in tracks
* tweaked and updated lighting for cars
* updated bloom to newer version
* implemented a bloom+ mode (with slight color interpolation in light/dark areas)
* implemented motion blur
* implemented real-time shadows for the cars
* updated the launcher with an 'Advanced' dialog for the new 'image effects'
* implemented a 'Highres Car Textures' toggle (if you have white car textures showing up in the garage turn this off)
* implemented saving/loading settings for the launcher - so you don't have to redo it each time

- Car textures are located Data\Cars\Mods
- a ReadMe.txt is included with details - although it is pretty self explanatory

* NOTE ABOUT THE NEW IMAGE EFFECTS (Bloom, Motion blur and Sh
Since the beginning of our Director development days we always had some 'fancy' stuff running behind the scenes.
Unfortunately, these effects are all 'brute-force' - since Director doesn't support shaders or even shadows. 
We never could include these effects properly until the end of Directors days (Rally Point 3 & BR5) - even then it was hard to get them running properly and fast enough.
We decided to include them in this build so you can check out some of this stuff anyway - since it can look pretty cool! :)
Keep in mind that since most of it is 'brute-force' it will be extremely taxing for the performance of the game - there are some additional settings in the Advanced dialog to tweak if necessary.

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The game was awsome but i can complet all mission in just 1 day cuz most of them they are too easy to take out them can one day this game can put it at PS4 or PS5? So you can make more money to grow your game fast then we can get more feature updates too awsome game very fun to play with keep it up. I just bought this game today only for $3.00 in asia cool very cool.